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Good Habits For Better Brain Health

Many activities promote good brain health. Most of them are fairly simple, take little time, and help improve overall health, not just that of your brain. Here are some of the best.

Get Some Cardio

People who elevate their heart rates through proper cardiovascular activity create increased blood flow to the body and brain. This can help to reduce a decline in cognitive ability.

Keep Learning

The brain, similar to other muscles in the body, gets its exercise through learning. Continued learning is available through community college classes, online learning, or just picking up a good book, doing puzzles, playing an instrument, learning a language, and so many more things.

Stop Smoking

Studies reveal that smoking contributes to declining cognitive function. People who stop smoking increase their likelihood of improved brain health.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

The body and brain are closely linked. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces strain on the heart. A healthy heart means blood flow to the brain is likely to be healthy too.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting the proper amount of quality sleep each night can help to make your mind sharper.

Eat an Anti-inflammatory Diet

There are many foods that promote healthy brain function, such as wild-caught fish, a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds.

Maintain Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and stress all take a toll on the brain. Working through mental health issues, talking with friends, or getting professional help when needed can be very beneficial.

Stay Social

One ongoing challenge in the digital age is maintaining real human contact. Staying connected through social media is not the same as interacting with people, though it is certainly better than nothing and has been a lifesaver for many people during the pandemic. Humans are social creatures. Though people also need time alone, isolation can negatively impact mental health.

There are many ways to support a healthy brain and cognitive function. Using or taking herbs and spices, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, and practicing healthy lifestyle habits can be extremely helpful.

                                                                                                   Source from @myvillagegreen

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