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SOTALIX is a company focused on the research, production, and sales of high-quality dietary supplements, raw materials. The company has been operating since 2007. Today Sotalix is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the market.




years experience

supporting People's Health
since 2007

The mission of Sotalix is to look after the health, immunity, and well-being of people of all ages. Our wide range of products can improve the quality of life, support to address many health problems. Sotalix focuses on developing herbal products that can support our customer’s health naturally. Over 15 years, we keep going and research many kinds of dietary supplements that can meet our customer satisfaction and get good feedback. That is our motivation to continue serving our customers with the highest quality products. 



Understanding how good herbal ingredients can give to people, we do intensive research to find the new formula or improve existing products to maximize the potency of dietary supplements. Our formulas are tested many times until they can get high quality and high potency before launching in the market.


Ingredient quality plays a vital role in the potency of products. That is why we concentrate on looking for the best source of materials. All our ingredients are organic and they are tested by third-party labs that are compliant with ISO 17025 for purity and safety before manufacturing.

No Unnecessary Fillers

All our products are not using any unnecessary fillers, preservatives, additives, sugars, and harmful chemicals.

Finished Products

All Sotalix products are manufactured in the cGMP compliant factory to ensure meet the strict standards. Sotalix finished products are tested by third-party labs that are compliant with ISO 17025 to get COA before selling in the market.

Things you can’t miss for a Healthy life

experience the
SOLATIX difference

Heritage of Quality

Selection of products with exceptional formulations that come from the hand of the best specialists.

We are Best Experts in the industry

For people who have made a healthy existence their philosophy of life, includes nutritional supplements

Truth in Labeling

Reflecting our practical sense, it's made up of products that are mixed of complex ingredients

Unique Formulation

Organic hebs and best quality ingredients, especially for those with a strong preference for natural

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